Vodafone New Zealand boasts 400,000 HD voice customers


This week, Vodafone New Zealand announced it had more than 400,000 customers that had “access” to HD voice service on its network – assuming HD voice capable phones. 

Vodafone launched HD voice service in New Zealand in November 2013 and now boasts it has 21 HD-voice capable devices in its portfolio.

HD voice arrives in New Zealand


Mobile 3G carrier 2degrees has announced it is now supporting HD voice service in New Zealand.

Phones supported include the Apple iPhone 5 and later versions (5c/5s), various Nokia models, the LG Nexus 4 & 5, HTC One, and Huawei Ascend P6.  It looks like the Samsung Galaxy family will be supported via […]

Will voice ID drive mobile HD voice in New Zealand?


With hundreds of thousands of people registering to access New Zealand government agency services using voice biometrics, better quality mobile voice calls have become a big deal, according to Stuff.co.nz.

Inland Revenue – the Kiwi’s tax bureau – set a goal of signing up 800,000 people to conduct “voice print” identification in the […]

Will biometrics voice ID push mobile HD voice in New Zealand?


Use of biometric voice ID – a subject the HD Voice News editor-in-chief presented at Black Hat once upon a time – in New Zealand government may encourage mobile carriers to move to HD voice, speculates Waikato Times.

Several New Zealand government agencies are moving ahead of banks in utilizing voice ID to […]