Nimbuzz for Android “Supports HD voice”–but which codec?


The latest version of Android for Nimbuzz ( supports HD voice, claims the company’s blog. But no details have been provided on which codec or codecs are being supported on Android.

The free Nimbuzz for Android 2.0.2 soft client supports “HD voice call quality” on Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls, according to the company’s press […]

GIPS provides HD Voice for Android, Nimbuzz


Global IP Solutions (GIPS)  has announced it is now supporting Android with its GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile solution.   Free social messaging app Nimbuzz is bragging it will be the first GIPS customer to offer HD voice on Android phones, so customers will be able to get free HD voice calls along with IM and presence.


HD Comm '09 – Tweets of ATSC Chairman, HD Innovation Panels presentations


The tweets presented below were sent during the HD Communications Summit, September 15, 2009.  Some formatting and selective spelling correction done for readability.

Robert Graves, Chairman, ATSC Forum

Graves – from Bell Labs/AT&T, got involved with video, went to ATSC Graves – Spent lot of time evangelizing about ATSC/digital TV/HDTV Graves – ATSC now […]