KPN starts HD voice trial in the Netherlands; Nokia Windows phone supported


KPN has announced it has started an HD voice trial in the Netherlands, laying claim to being the first official launch of mobile HD voice service in the country. The announcement is especially significant because it includes the Nokia 800 Lumia — a Windows Phone — among the supported device. Kudos to the service […]

FYI–“Cheap” Nokia phone HD voice support


Thanks to Nok VoIP for the tip.

This might be “old news” to some, but a number of low-cost Nokia SIP-capable phones support HD voice over VoIP using AMR-WB as the speech codec.  The S40 models, including Asha 303, C3-01 Gold, C3-01 T&T, X3-02 T&T all support AMR-WB via SIP.

A list is available […]

Wind Mobile adds Nokia C5-04


Canada-based WIND Mobile has added the Nokia C5-04 to its phone line up.  It is the second phone to support HD voice on the company’s network.

WIND Mobile adds Nokia C7 to lineup, eh?

Tweet ( reports WIND Mobile is adding the Nokia C7 smartphone to its lineup, with sales to start Friday, March 18th.   This is the company’s second HD voice phone added to its lineup.

The new phone is likely to be more popular than the first HD voice phone the company supported, the Alcatel Tribe. […]

More mobile phones shipping HD voice enabled: Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)


In a report released on March 9, the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) ( declared more handset manufacturers are shipping mobile phones with HD voice activated as default.

Phones listed in the report with AMR-WB (Or W-AMR, as the new marketing-speak term appears) turned on from the factory include Nokia C3, C6, C7, E7, […]

Editorial: A little late to the party, a little slow on reality, Nokia starts talking about mobile HD voice


Nokia’s official blog, “Nokia Conversations,” has discovered the wonders of mobile HD voice.  The company has recently posted a pair of articles discussing the technology, but reading though the pieces makes me wonder where the company’s head really is.

The first piece, “What is HD voice?,” comes posted from the Consumer Electronics Show […]

France Telecom asserts leadership with mobile HD voice; Dominican Republic in 2011


France Telecom ( is counting up its mobile HD voice deployments, along with listing all the compatible mobile HD voice handsets it has in stock and letting slip where it expects to deploy service in the near future.

As already noted by HD Voice News in several forums, Orange Mobile HD Voice is […]

Orange officially launches mobile HD voice in the UK


It’s official: Orange ( has formally launched its mobile HD voice in the UK. And there’s a new phone manufacturer in the mobile HD voice mix as well.

Covered by BBC News and, there’s not a lot new, with a rehash of the trials that took place over the summer in the UK […]

Orange/France Telecom adds more mobile HD voice phones to portfolio, expects France HD service by “end of July.”


Earlier this month, France Telecom ( added two Nokia phones to its France lineup which will support HD voice, with a Sony phone arriving in early July.  More importantly, the release-in-translation said that its France network would support HD “by the end of July.”

Introduced on June 10, 2010 and currently available at Orange […]

After MWC: Placing bets on the next mobile HD voice handsets


As France Telecom/Orange announced its plans for covering Europe with mobile HD voice service and AMR-WB, a senior company official said Orange plans to offer 8 mobile HD voice phones in the first half of 2010, with “all” of its handsets supporting HD voice by the end of 2011.   Which vendors are qualified and […]