Ooma tactics change… $99.99 down, $9.99/month


Not a lot of detail on the company’s website, but ooma (www.ooma.com) has quietly launched a variation of its service for only $99.99 down and $9.99 per month. 

The offer, viewable at http://www.ooma.com/basicmonthlyplus/ as of June 14 at 11 AM, is a “special offer” to get Ooma for only $99.99 (normally $249.99 for […]

Ooma – Official support for HD voice delayed until “the June timeframe”


At CES, IP phone manufacturer/service provider ooma (www.ooma.com) announced a laundry list of features that would be supported in its new second-generation Telo hardware.  The cluster of software-based features was slated to be released in April, but HD voice didn’t make the cut.

In an exchange of email with HD Voice News, Ooma VP […]

Ooma “announced availability” of something or another – but not HD voice


Ooma has “announced the availability” of its PureVoice technology, a feature announced and demonstrated at CES in January.  The press release goes on to describe PureVoice as being made up of four components, plus tags on the availability of . Google Voice Extensions and Ooma Voicemail Transcriptions, features also talked about at CES. Nothing […]

Goodbye, goodbye – Rich Buchanan departs Ooma


After two years as Ooma’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Rich “The Dude” Buchanan is departing the company for another project.

Buchanan, an advocate of HD voice via Ooma, announced his departure from Ooma via Twitter (@richbuchanan) on Sunday evening; the company has yet to make a formal statement of either Buchanan’s departure or his […]

CES – Ooma officially embraces HD Voice, adds other goodies to service


Note: Ooma is a sponsor of HD Voice News

At CES, Ooma (www.ooma.com) rolled out several new features and enhances services for its second-generation Telo system, including formally announcing “High Definition Voice.” Other additions include a double-packet-sending “Pure Voice” feature to provide enhanced voice reliability, mobile phone calling with the iPhone family, Bluetooth support, […]

Editorial - A word about our sponsors


Before I get wrapped up into the next two to three lists, I wanted to take the time to highlight the contribution and moral support both of HD Voice News sponsors have provided to “The Cause.”

Rich Buchanan of Ooma and Ari Rabban of phone.com both approached me, unsolicited, and expressed the desire to […]

ooma "as good as a land line" – No, it's better.


Editor’s note: ooma is a sponsor of this website

Ooma may want to chat with some of the radio stations conducting live reads for its recent on-air commercials.   At least one show host in the D.C. described the service as “good as a land line” — an undersell of a product (telo) that provides […]

ooma bombards the airwaves in D.C.


If the radio spot campaign in DC is any measure, ooma is not afraid to buy radio airtime.  Commercials for the consumer (HD) voice service company have been playing on 106.7 “The Fan” since the company’s re-launch with Best Buy on October 1, with spots distributed throughout the day, starting during the mornings and […]

AstriCon 2009 next week – Taking briefings


Doug Mohney will be in Phoenix (well, Glendale) Arizona next week for AstriCon 2009, October 13-15, 2009.  If AstriCon’s history of surprises holds,  keynotes given by Google open source programs manager Chris DiBona and Mike Smith, IBM’s CTO of its Server and Technology Group, should prove to deliver some surprises.

The Asterisk telephony “platform,” […]

North America's HD Voice Fall Season


As the fall of 2009 arrives in North America, so will HD voice.  Within days, Best Buy will be stocking telo, ooma’s second generation hardware, for the holiday shopping season.  As the leaves fully change colors and approaching the Thanksgiving holiday, 8×8 will flip the switch on its Aastra software upgrade.   Both events — […]