Editorial– A big thank you to Phone.com


Phone.com (www.phone.com) has been supporting the efforts of HD Voice News for over a year by my count.

I can’t say enough good things about Phone.com CE Ari Rabbin (and frankly, I think I haven’t said enough).   He approached me, unsolicited, and offered to advertise on the site when I was first started out […]

Phone.com builds channel sales


Phone.com is a sponsor of HD Voice News 

HD voice hosted VoIP provider Phone.com (www.phone.com) has announced its channel partner program (CPP).

The program is designed for professional sales agents and value-added resellers, offering “up-front Success Fee” opportunities, as well as a recurring percent from sales generated by CPP participants.  […]

Phone.com trunks to TurboBridge HD voice conferencing service


Phone.com (www.phone.com) is turning on a HD voice audio conferencing bridge for its business customers, with services provided by the very-busy TurboBridge (www.turbobridge.com).

Phone.com customers can get their own dedicated conference access number as well as speed dial access from their PHone.com Virtual Office phones to their own dedicated conference bridge.  Initially, TurboBridge […]

IT EXPO East 2010 – Illustrating SD vs HD voice in sound and slide


Phone.com is a sponsor of HD Voice News

At IT EXPO East 2010, Phone..com CTO Alon Cohen gave a relatively clear demonstration of the difference between “SD” voice (in the form of G.711) and HD voice with a pair of sound clips using the same spoken phrase.

To hear the SD G.722 […]

Phone.com discusses challenges to building a public HD voice network


Note: Phone.com is a sponsor of HD Voice News

Fresh off the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Phone.com CTO Alon Cohen has blogged “How to Solve the Biggest Challenge to Building a Public HD Voice Network.”

Cohen argues that HD voice interconnection between service providers is essential, but codec […]

Editorial - A word about our sponsors


Before I get wrapped up into the next two to three lists, I wanted to take the time to highlight the contribution and moral support both of HD Voice News sponsors have provided to “The Cause.”

Rich Buchanan of Ooma and Ari Rabban of phone.com both approached me, unsolicited, and expressed the desire to […]

HDConnect at FCBA Dinner on December 10, 2009


HD Connect, the organization promoting HD communications, had a table at the Federal Communications Bar Association (FBCA) Chairman’s dinner.  Proceeds from the dinner go to a scholarship program.

Above – Jim Machi, Senior Vice President, Dialogic (L) and Ari Rabban, President/CEO, phone.com (right).   Phone.com is a sponsor of […]

Voxbone supplies iNums to Phone.com


Phone.com is a sponsor of HD Voice News.

Voxbone will be supplying Phone.com with its HD voice-aware iNum phone numbers.  The iNum numbers will enable Phone.com customers the ability to be called through a  single phone number for the cost of a local call from about 4,000 cities in 49 countries.

Described as the […]

Phone.com launches hosted HD Voice service for SMBs


Editor’s note: Phone.com and ooma are sponsors of www.hdconnectnow.org

Phone.com has announced the introduction of its new HD Business Phone service, adding to the company’s portfolio of VoIP Virtual Office Services.   Businesses can purchase their own HD IP phones to complement their Phone.com Virtual Office account or purchase a phone from phone.com to use […]