Editorial–Reason #36 why I hate the term “HD audio”


Two recent announcements  illustrate why HD audio is a really vague, non-descriptive (i.e. Poor, sucky) term as it applies to HD voice and HD telephony.

VTech Communications recently released a new analog/RJ-11 phone or two that uses “HD Audio Profiles” to clean up sound. But it’s not HD voice or CAT-iq.

When I asked […]

ShoreTel announces HD “audio conferencing”–but how many HD voice codecs do they support?


Las Vegas – ShoreTel (www.shoretel.com) has announced that the latest release of its phone, er UC software now supports HD audio conferencing.  The bigger question is how many HD voice codecs the software/hardware IP PBX system actually supports.

A conversation on the Interop show floor with a sales engineer lead to a setup screen […]