iPhone HD voice round-up: Invoxia, TeamViewer


Invoxia (www.invoxia.com) has announced the NVX 610, a VoIP phone with an iThings (iPhone/iPhone/iPad) dedicated app to enable dialing from the iThing, plus facilitate “mobile convergence.”  You can receive calls to an iThing mobile as well as VoIP based calls.

The big draw/brag with the NVX 610 is a total of eight 8 mics […]

CounterPath adding SILK codec to Bria soft client


Thanks to Michael Graves for the tip

CounterPath is adding the Microsoft/Skype SILK codec to its Bria soft client. The company first let slip the news in a November 8, 2011 blog posting.

The company points out while the SILK codec is free and performs “very well” compared to other similar codecs that […]

Digium adds “wideband” media engine, extended codec support into Asterisk 10 release


At AstriCon in Denver this week,  Digium (www.digium.com) announced it had added a “wide-band media engine” into the latest release of Asterisk.  The new support is hailed as the biggest upgrade to the software, including support for “an unlimited number” of codecs and support for SILK, 32kHz Speex, and pass-through support for CELT.  Plus […]

IT EXPO: Aculab doing QA on SILK transcoding – but not “superwideband”; interest in AMR-WB-Siren14


Los Angeles – Aculab (www.aculab.com) said it is currently putting Skype SILK transcoding through its quality assurance process with a targeted Q4 2010 release date (i.e. by the end of the year).

SILK transcoding will be supported through Prosody S software, but only at sampling rates of 8 kHz (narrowband) and 16 kHz (wideband); […]

Grandstream launches dual-mode Skype SIP IP handset


Tom Keating over at TMC has announced the appearance of a dual-stack Skype and SIP phone, the Grandstream GXV3140 IP multimedia phone.

The Grandstream GXV3140 reportedly gets SIP support through a firmware upgrade, enabling the phone to support both Skype voice and video calls in addition to SIP-based voice and video calls.

Features of […]

Skype pledges “Near CD quality” voice in 3G, over 3G


Over the weekend Skype (www.skype.com) announced Skype for iPhone 2.0. Among the features listed in the new release were “near CD quality” sound for Skype-to-Skype calls with the use of the SILK codec – if you have the right hardware.  The big deals in the announcements were calls being available over a 3G connection […]

Financial Times gives shoutout to HD Voice summit, Skype HD remarks


The Financial Times (FT) caught Skype CTO Jonathan Rosenberg at eComm yesterday touting the virtues of HD voice and the SILK superwideband codec and noted the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES.

Rosenberg presented data showing that users talk almost 50 percent longer when using HD voice as compared to G.729.  He also […]

Skype releases source code for SILK


Credit where credit is due: @voiploser and Michael Graves provided this tip

In its latest filing with the ITEF, Skype (www.skype.com) released the source code to SILK under an open license, with the code presented as an appendix to the filing.

Codec junkies can review “draft-vos-silk-01” at http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-vos-silk-01, with the fixed-point C code starting […]

Samsung TVs join the Skype lineup


Skype’s (www.skype.com) march to conquer the living room and consumers continues.  Samsung and Skype announced that Samsung’s latest and greatest broadband HDTVs will feature embedded Skype software for voice and video calls.

The new Samsung LED 7000 and 8000 series models are shipping with Skype software today in Korea and worldwide in the first […]

Skype SILK shows up in Babbelon push-to-talk voice service


Speaking of alternatives to G.722, a startup called Voxygen is delivering a free, private push-to-talk-service called Babbelon.  The concept isn’t new, but it uses Skype’s SILK “super wideband” audio codec and is hosted over on Rackspace.

Babbelon is a browser-based VoIP chat tool and provides a “massively” multi-user VoIP service; according to the press […]