Simple Signal, TurboBridge come out on HD voice conferencing


SimpleSignal ( and TurboBridge ( have officially announced their partnership on HD voice conferencing.  The service supports the G.722 codec.

Wayy back in March, SimpleSignal announced a HD voice conferencing bridge service. Several sources indicated that SimpleSignal had white labeled the TurboBridge HD voice service back then, so the two companies are now publicly […]

Cloud Communications Alliance emerges, embraces HD voice


Eight business VoIP service providers have more formally joined together as the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA).  The newly created organization says it represents more than $100 million in combined annual revenue and collectively serve more than 110,000 businesses in the United States – and it wants to make good on HD voice peering.

Members […]

Largest G.722 HD voice deployments around the globe


This list is a moving target/snapshot of what is known and confirmed.

1) France Telecom/Orange  – Over 500,000 G.722 endpoints – Reported May, 2009

Despite some prodding, France Telecom has not yet updated its broadband HD voice numbers since reporting them last year in New York City.  The numbers cited are assumed to […]

SimpleSignal announces HD voice conference bridge


SimpleSignal has added an HD voice conference bridge solution to its list of hosted PBX calling features and voice apps.  Cost for the new service is a flat rate of $29 per month for up to 100 calls to participate in unlimited HD audio conference calls – volume discounts available.

Use of the […]

Editorial – It is NOT "too early" to get an HD Voice phone


Tweeting to @DougonIPcomm, @radinfo thinks getting an HD phone is “too early” because there aren’t enough peer-to-peer interconnections right now.

The first part of the premise is wrong, while the second part is — for now — correct.

If a business are currently shopping for an IP PBX/IP telephony and/or VoIP handsets, you would […]

Alteva, SimpleSignal announce SIP peering alliance


Alteva and SimpleSignal have formally announced the creation of an IP Peering Alliance.  While the two companies are the first hosted business VoIP service providers to publicly announce a relation to interoperate at the VoIP and SIP level, a number of other companies are reportedly considering joining up. Direct video calls between the two […]