Enterprise Connect 2012: Level 3 to support SIP interconnection; SMS needs to be just another data type on IP PBX


A Level 3 spokesperson said the company was working towards enabling SIP peering across all of its customers, and expected to roll it out later this year.

The conversation came up during a wider discussion of Level 3’s enterprise services and customer’s desire for videoconferencing and other SIP-based services to “just work.”


Telstra International is “looking into” HD voice functionality for IPX service


Korean-based SK Telecom and Hong Kong-CSL have announced a LTE roaming agreement using Telxtra’s IPX interconnect service.   But there’s more to come, says a Telstra official.

“Leveraging QOS enabled networks allows Telstra International to control the quality of the voice call from the origin to the destination across markets in Asia, Europe and US,” […]

Verizon, Tata SIP peer/federate


Verizon and Tata have agreed to SIP peer/federate to enable access to the other’s telepresence suites, making the two carriers the first to officially do so.  How the agreement works at the network level is unclear; specifically, does it just apply to telepresence apps or to all SIP traffic.

From a customer perspective, this […]

Editorial: FCC enables cellular roaming; what could they do for SIP peering?


Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to require wireless data roaming deals between competitors.

The Order to require facilities-based providers of commercial mobile data services to offer data roaming arrangements to other providers “on commercially reasonable terms and conditions” passed by a 3-2 vote on party lines, with Democratic commissioners and FCC Chairman […]

HD voice surge in next three years: Verizon, cable companies to lead deployments


Alexandria, VA — (April 7, 2011) — HD voice is expected to grow significantly over the next three years as Tier 1 service providers such as Cincinnati Bell, Comcast, France Telecom, and Verizon offer the technology to business, residential, and wireless customers. Already, seventeen mobile carriers have either operational service or announced plans for […]

Verizon Wireless chats about HD, VoLTE, and SIP


Verizon Wireless (www.verizonwireless.com) should support HD voice across a number of LTE devices and users will ultimately be able to exchange wideband calls within and outside of Verizon’s network.

“The initial devices we’ll support [AMR-WB] are smart phones for sure,” said Verizon Wireless Marjorie Hsu, VP Technology Development. “Other devices on the road map, […]

ITEXPO East 2011: Are cable companies fully SIP peering? The $250M question


Has the cable industry gone all-SIP when it comes to full-blown SIP peering? One source says “Yes,” and said Comcast and the rest of the cable industry is saving big bucks on termination and per-minute charges.

One of the presenters at the VIP Peering conference said – but HD voice has not be able […]

From IIT VoIP Conference & Expo: AT&T SIP transport PowerPoint slides


WARNING: BIG pictures ahead

These are several slides I’ve selected from the the AT&T SIP transport presentation given at the 5th Annual IIT VoIP Conference and Expo last week.

Please note: 1) This is not the full presentation, just excerpts. 2) As of October 18, evening, the full presentation is *not* on the IIT […]

AT&T lays out SIP peering architecture – and works it out


IIT VoIP Conference and Expo 2010, Chicago-burbs – AT&T (www.att.com) has gone public with its architecture and plans (including business plans) for its SIP peering architecture.  While a company spokesperson wouldn’t discuss how far along the company was in discussions with other Tier 1 carriers, HD Voice News believes AT&T is much further along […]

Cincinnati Bell: Other Tier 1 carriers discussing HD voice peering


Cincinnati Bell’s Evolve hosted HD voice service is currently a stand-alone island, but other carriers – outside of the usual suspects – are starting to kick around the idea of peering HD voice calls directly.

Mike Herman, product manager for Evolve, said that conversations about HD voice peering had literally started in “the last […]