Technicolor provides Comcast with Skype TV video “box”


Technicolor is the manufacturer of a “custom-developed” telepresence adaptor for Comcast’s Skype video conferencing solution through TV sets.Interestingly, Technicolor describes it as an adapter for delivering “High-definition videoconferencing (calling)” through TV sets, rather than simply calling it a Skype widget.

The specs of the adapter include an HDMI input and output, Gigabit Ethernet, […]

Editorial–Microsoft buys Skype


I hate to be on the “bandwagon” for the Microsoft/Skype acquisition, but it’s just too big not to comment.

According to the bits and pieces I’m seeing, all development work at Skype is being brought to a halt for the next 9 months, including SkypeKit and new SILK licenses, while all the legal/regulatory […]

Grandstream announces yet another HD voice IP multimedia phone


Grandstream Networks ( has announced a “tablet-like” – perhaps slim form factor would be better – 7 inch touchscreen phone with integrated video calling, PoE and and WiFi.

The GXV3175 is being described as the “sibling” to the company’s Skype-certified GXV3140 phone. It includes support for three lines with up to 3 SP accounts […]

Grandstream gets Skype videophone certification


Grandstream Networks ( GXV3140 IP multimedia phone has been officially certified by Skype to make video calling with other Skype clients. 

The phone incorporates “native” Skype embedded software and the GXV3140 offers free two-way or three-way videocalling out of the box.  Looking back through the archives, the phone was first announced back in […]

IT EXPO: Aculab doing QA on SILK transcoding – but not “superwideband”; interest in AMR-WB-Siren14


Los Angeles – Aculab ( said it is currently putting Skype SILK transcoding through its quality assurance process with a targeted Q4 2010 release date (i.e. by the end of the year).

SILK transcoding will be supported through Prosody S software, but only at sampling rates of 8 kHz (narrowband) and 16 kHz (wideband); […]

D2 adds Skype support to mCUE Android IP communications stack


D2 Technologies ( has added support for Skype’s SkypeKit SDK into its mCUE product line.  Expect a lot of Android phones to get Skype-ized.

The mCUE IP communications stack has been optimized for things like Android and been demonstrated on WiMAX and other wireless environments; it supports everything from HD voice via wideband codecs […]

Grandstream launches dual-mode Skype SIP IP handset


Tom Keating over at TMC has announced the appearance of a dual-stack Skype and SIP phone, the Grandstream GXV3140 IP multimedia phone.

The Grandstream GXV3140 reportedly gets SIP support through a firmware upgrade, enabling the phone to support both Skype voice and video calls in addition to SIP-based voice and video calls.

Features of […]

Skype pledges “Near CD quality” voice in 3G, over 3G


Over the weekend Skype ( announced Skype for iPhone 2.0. Among the features listed in the new release were “near CD quality” sound for Skype-to-Skype calls with the use of the SILK codec – if you have the right hardware.  The big deals in the announcements were calls being available over a 3G connection […]

Financial Times gives shoutout to HD Voice summit, Skype HD remarks


The Financial Times (FT) caught Skype CTO Jonathan Rosenberg at eComm yesterday touting the virtues of HD voice and the SILK superwideband codec and noted the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES.

Rosenberg presented data showing that users talk almost 50 percent longer when using HD voice as compared to G.729.  He also […]

Large HD voice codec deployments in soft clients


Estimating numbers for the proliferation of HD voice codes (that aren’t G.722/AMR-WB) via soft clients gets to be a very slippery slope in short order.

Global IP Solutions ( was very frank with HD Voice News in the challenges of providing an accurate estimate of softclient numbers.

“You [are] absolutely right that GIPS technology […]