Skype releases source code for SILK


Credit where credit is due: @voiploser and Michael Graves provided this tip

In its latest filing with the ITEF, Skype ( released the source code to SILK under an open license, with the code presented as an appendix to the filing.

Codec junkies can review “draft-vos-silk-01” at, with the fixed-point C code starting […]

Samsung TVs join the Skype lineup


Skype’s ( march to conquer the living room and consumers continues.  Samsung and Skype announced that Samsung’s latest and greatest broadband HDTVs will feature embedded Skype software for voice and video calls.

The new Samsung LED 7000 and 8000 series models are shipping with Skype software today in Korea and worldwide in the first […]

CES 2010: Skype TV media tour in pictures


Finally unearthed from a backlog of other tasks, some photos of Skype at CES 2010.


The Skype client on the high-end Panasonic Viera TV.  Note the rectangular box at the top of the TV, an add-on specially designed video camera for conducting Skype video calls.

Outside the Skype display at the […]

CES – Trinity Convergence provides Skype stack for HDTV


Embedded software house Trinity Convergence announced it was the one supplying Skype with software to enable Skype video calling on HDTVs.  A spokesperson with the company said it was getting “a flurry of calls” after Skype’s announcement.

Trinity Convergence has integrated its VeriCall voice and video software engine with the Skype embedded SDK to […]

CES 2010 – Skype talks TV, swarms event


Las Vegas – Skype was in force at CES for the debut of its software on high-end Panasonic and nearly all LG HDTVs coming out by mid-2010.   The company was making the most of  its announcement enabling the aforementioned TV sets to make and receive audio and video calls with a bit more hardware.


Skype gets its software into Panasonic, LG HDTVs


FYI  Jonathan Christensen, GM, Audio and Video, Skype will be speaking tomorrow (January 6) at the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES.

Skype today announced all sorts of goodies today, but getting its software embedded into Panasonc and LG HDTVs so people can make wideband voice and HD video calls from the couch.  Isn’t […]

Skype SILK shows up in Babbelon push-to-talk voice service


Speaking of alternatives to G.722, a startup called Voxygen is delivering a free, private push-to-talk-service called Babbelon.  The concept isn’t new, but it uses Skype’s SILK “super wideband” audio codec and is hosted over on Rackspace.

Babbelon is a browser-based VoIP chat tool and provides a “massively” multi-user VoIP service; according to the press […]

Voxbone announces iNum SILK support, transcoding of SILK to G.722


In a release schedule to hit the wires tomorrow, Voxbone is announcing that its iNum service now supports HD between “dozens” of VoIP networks and Skype, with the ability to translate between Skype’s wideband SILK codec and the more dominant G.722 codec/standard.

Voxbone’s iNum service has its own international “country” code — 883 — […]

Afternoon Tweets from the HD Communications Summit/HD Comm '09, September 15, 2009, New World Stages, New York, New York


This is a (laborously cut and paste) summary of the afternoon “tweets” posted from the HD Communications Summit on September 15; the morning will be posted later (hopefully after I figure out an easier way to process the morning Twitter-ing).

Chris Fine, VP Goldman Sachs

Lunch break over; Chris Fine of Goldman Sachs […]

HD Comm '09 – Skype is speaking, but what will be said?


Next week at HD Comm ’09 (special discount of 20% if you use the code “HDConnectNow”), Julian Spittka, Product Manager and Sr. Engineer, Skype will be speaking in the afternoon around the topic of “The Path to HD Market Adoption.” He’ll no doubt talk about the wonders of SILK, but what else might he […]