South Africa gets HD voice through MTN


MTN officially launched HD voice on its 3G network in August, according to Ventures Africa and other sources.

The service is only available on 3G at this time.

Editorial–A little mobile HD voice misleading in South Africa


There’s been angst in the South African trade press regarding the lack of mobile HD voice service.   So I’m annoyed about playing semantics for  cheap PR.

“Contrary to popular belief – HD voice services are here (and sounding great)” issued by DUO Marketing + Communications for  client Vox Telecom makes this biiiiig stretch that […]

Angst in South Africa on mobile HD voice


Local media in South Africa have no idea when operators will deliver HD voice in that country.

“South Africa seems to be lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to mobile HD voice,” writes MyBroadband editor Rudolph Muller. “This includes African countries like Uganda, Mauritius and Egypt which have HD voice […]