MagicJack Plus soft client HD voice support appears to be Speex, PCMU


One of Michael Grave’s blog readers, has put the MagicJack Plus device under a (figurative) microscope.  The device reportedly supports Speex when attached to a computer with the complementary soft client running.

Reader “BobB” says when the device is in stand-alone mode, the on-board SIP client only supports/advertises narrowband codecs.  When attached to a […]

Digium adds “wideband” media engine, extended codec support into Asterisk 10 release


At AstriCon in Denver this week,  Digium ( announced it had added a “wide-band media engine” into the latest release of Asterisk.  The new support is hailed as the biggest upgrade to the software, including support for “an unlimited number” of codecs and support for SILK, 32kHz Speex, and pass-through support for CELT.  Plus […]

RHUB adds HD voice with Speex


RHUB Communications, Inc. ( has announced support for HD voice in the latest release of TurboMeeting.

TurboMeeting 4.3 now supports wideband voice sampled at 16kHz using the Speex codec.  A company spokesperson said support for G.722 will be “later.”

The TurboMeeting softphone enables users to conduct IP-based audio conferences with more than 200 participants […]

ageet adds HD voice support to mobile software, promises more


Ageet (, a VoIP software developer based in Kyoto, Japan, has announced that its latest mobile softphone release will incorporate support for HD voice codecs — but not in today’s release.

The HD voice support for AGEphone Mobile, a Windows Mobile 6.5 client, is described as “pending” and the company indicates it has tested […]