Sprint has two paths to HD voice–1X Advanced and LTE


Sprint is turning up the volume on its upcoming LTE rollout, dropping hints that the iPhone 5 will be an LTE device.  However, the company also has a CDMA HD voice play as it upgrades its 3G network using Qualcomm chips and the 1X Advanced standard.

The path to HD voice through LTE is […]

Sprint to add voice to LTE rollout in early 2013


This week Sprint has been putting out details on its fast-moving LTE rollout at 4G World.  The company expects to deploy Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in early 2013 and add voice call continuity by the end of 2013, to move calls between CDMA, LTE, and WiFi.

According to one report from Good and […]

Sprint to roll out LTE in 2012– is HD Voice far behind? And how wide?


Last week Sprint threw WiMAX under the bus, announcing it would be conducting a national rollout of LTE under its Network Vision plan.  Since a number of carriers are wholesaling Sprint capacity, there could be a lot of mobile HD voice in the next three years between Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and Sprint MVNOs.


HD voice for Apple iPhone 4S?


Will Apple’s new iPhone support AMR-WB and HD voice? The company didn’t say anything about codecs and voice quality during its rollout with Sprint, but the discussions of a “world phone” imply AMR-WB support might be baked in and make a future appearance in Europe.

If/when the iPhone 4S appears in Europe and on […]

Editorial – It is NOT "too early" to get an HD Voice phone


Tweeting to @DougonIPcomm, @radinfo thinks getting an HD phone is “too early” because there aren’t enough peer-to-peer interconnections right now.

The first part of the premise is wrong, while the second part is — for now — correct.

If a business are currently shopping for an IP PBX/IP telephony and/or VoIP handsets, you would […]

Sprint PIN SIP exchange – voice now, HD & video down the road


While Sprint’s Partner Interexchange Network (PIN) is starting out as a VoIP exchange, the company believes the new service has the potential to bring in various types of vertical service providers and leverage its strong IP networking assets.

“PIN really came about from a bunch of different factors,” said Joby McDonald, a product manager […]