Telefonica boasts SRVCC from LTE to 3G in the lab


Telefonica has become the first network operator to demonstrate the ability to transfer voice calls seamlessly and without interruption from an LTE network to a 3G network.  However, the handover was conducted in a test lab environment simulation – not in the real world.

The handover was conducted in Germany at the labs of […]

D2 Technologies rolls in with SRVCC for NVIDIA


At CES, D2 Technologies was talking up IMS.  In Barcelona this week for Mobile World Congress, the company announced it is working with NVIDIA to implement SRVCC for HD Voice.

NVIDIA’s Icera 410 LTE modem is loaded with D2’s mCUE 4G client to deliver a complete solution with Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) […]

NVIDIA jumps into VoLTE with Icera and SRVCC


At Mobile World Congress, NVIDIA is touting its Icera 410 LTE modem chip in VoLTE and SRVCC HD voice applications.

Like Ericsson and Qualcomm, NVIDIA will be demonstrating seamless handoff of calls between an LTE network to a circuit-switched WCDMA 3G network – and vice versa – using Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) […]

Ericsson, Qualcomm to demo VoLTE to WCDMA voice handover via SRVCC


At Mobile World Congress next week, Ericsson and Qualcomm will conduct a live demo of seamless voice call handoff between LTE to WCDMA voice networks. 

The SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity) demo highlights the ability to use fewer radio components to hand off calls between LTE and WCDMA networks.   A demo illustrates […]