TIA issues new call for HD voice specs on voice gateways


Last week, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) engineering committee on analog and digital wireline terminals issued a call for interest for document ANSI/TIA-912-C, “Telecommunications – IP Telephony Equipment – Voice Gateway Transmission Requirements.”

The standard covers transmission requirements, with the revision adding requirements support for wideband analog phones (between 100 to 7,000 Hz) […]

GSMA issuing v1.1 update to HD voice logo specifications to include CDMA, CAT-iq handsets


GSMA is expected to publish its v1.1 standards for HD voice logo usage—and by extension, technical standards defining what HD voice is when the logo is used – to include the CDMA wireless implementation and the wired world through adopting/partnering with the CAT-iq world.

A more detailed discussion will have to wait since HD […]

TIA creates four new standards for analog HD voice phones


The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has approved four new standards to cover requirements for analog HD phones to connect to ATAs, MTAs or voice gateways to provide HD voice services via IP.

TIA’s Engineering Committee on Analog and Digital Wireless Terminals (Hmm,there’s an anarchic phrase) TR-41.3 has issued a “call for interest” for the […]

Call for HD voice statistics


HD Voice News invites all members of the HD voice ecosystem – service providers, core network gear, software developers and handset manufacturers to submit their most recent statistics and information to be incorporated in a public presentation at DEFCON 18 at the end of the month.

We are particularly looking for:

1) […]

Editorial - Defining HD voice


HD voice as a term is coming close to becoming like unified communications — defined and stretched and abused by marketing and PR people to mean exactly what is necessary for the latest product and press releases.

Over the past eight months, I have heard a number of definitions for HD voice.  Let me […]

HDConnect discusses benchmarks for HD voice service


Washington D.C. — A group of HD Voice industry executives met yesterday to discuss the issues and hurdles facing the widespread and ubiquitous  proliferation of HD service around the globe, as well as potential ways the U.S. government could foster the uptake of wideband technology.

Discussions were lead by HDConnect Executive Chairman Dan Berninger […]