Sprint HD voice handset statistics: 12 million now, 20 million by end of year


Various sources are discussing how many 3G CDMA HD voice capable handsets Sprint has deployed. with assertions of 12 million out now and up to 20 million by end of year.

An analyst blog by Zacks.com says Sprint currently has over 12 million customers using HD voice capable handsets. 

This number is expected […]

France Telecom’s latest HD voice numbers + more coming


A quick inquiry to a France Telecom Twitter account has shaken loose the latest HD voice numbers as of August 2012.   The company last released numbers in February 2012 at Mobile World Congress. 

Across France Telecom’s Orange companies, there are 3.5 million mobile customers across 15 countries and “several million” calls in full […]

Editorial–Work on the 2012 HD Voice News report has begun


I have started work on the 2012 HD Voice News report, so you may not see a lot of postings in this space over the next week.

February 2012: Best Month Ever for HD Voice News


The month of February clocked record visits to HD Voice News, with nearly 800 returning visits, over 3,750 unique visits, and nearly 5,600 page loads.

All statistics are high-marks since HD Voice News started operations in 2009.

Editorial – 2011 year end stats for HD Voice News


Closing out 2011, HD Voice News logged 5,325 returning visitors, 42,000ish page loads, and 28,400ish unique visits.

So, what does this mean, other than the fact we aren’t connected to a SEO-gaming service?

For 2010, the site’s first full year of operation, HD Voice News logged 4,814 returning visitors, 34,830 page loads, and 22,852 […]

Editorial-All time high for HD Voice News website statistics


Last month, HD Voice News logged in a total of 3,452 unique visits and over 4,900 page views for the month, plus over the double the average returning visits.

Hopefully, this is part of a larger trend as HD voice contributes to proliferate across the world.

Call for briefings–2012 HD Voice Report


HD Voice News is now taking briefings from companies for inclusion into its 2012 report.  Briefings can be conducted either in an open fashion or under embargo.

If you represent a company in the HD voice ecosystem – hardware, software, services – you  are strongly encouraged to contact HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug […]

DEFCON 18 “HD Voice – The Overdue Revolution” presentation materials


The latest (as of noon PT, today) presentation materials for the presentation at DEFCON.

There’s one PPTX download, plus two demo clips in QuickTime that Michael Graves (@mjgraves) of “Graves on SOHO Technology” was kind enough to give me.

The PPTX file is here.

QuickTime Demo clip one


QuickTime Demo clip two



Call for HD voice statistics


HD Voice News invites all members of the HD voice ecosystem – service providers, core network gear, software developers and handset manufacturers to submit their most recent statistics and information to be incorporated in a public presentation at DEFCON 18 at the end of the month.

We are particularly looking for:

1) […]