Editorial: CES and the difference 8 hours makes


Las Vegas, Nevada, Gate D50 laptop charging stations – Earlier today, I was making the show floor rounds at CES 2013 (OK, International CES 2013, but really CEA, you’re on my bad list just below the T-Mobile PR people at this point).  At 3 to 4 meetings, I said that there was a “25 […]

T-Mobile USA launches HD voice at CES 2013; AT&T next?


Las Vegas, Nevada – T-Mobile USA has pulled the trigger on HD voice for its HSPA network, starting the clock for other mobile carriers in the United States to match the feature.  And yes, it is the first U.S. wireless provider to launch HD Voice nationwide on its HSPA network.

HD Voice News […]

T-Mobile USA shops for VoLTE engineer


Found among T-Mobile USA’s employment lists is a “Sr Engineer, SystDesign & Strategy (VoLTE) in Bellevue Washington United States.” This should be no big surprise, since T-Mobile USA said it was going to take the spectrum and deal break fees from AT&T and roll them into network upgrades.

The job listing, currently here,  […]