HD Comm '09 – HD Communications Summit, Fall 09 – MacLeod wrap-up


Jake MacLeod’s wrap-up of the proceedings at the HD Communications Summit/HD Comm ’09 on September 15, 2009, at New World Stages in New York City is now available in the original PowerPoint format.

It can be accessed here. A derivative work of the highlights in blog form (i.e. text-based) is expected to be posted […]

HD Comms '09 – Attendance brings HD IP phone(s)


Attendees arriving at the HD Communications Summit — aka HD Comm ’09 — in New York City on Tuesday, September 15, will receive not one, but two HD phones to take home, one hardware, one software.

Gigaset is providing attendees with an HD IP phone, says executive director/MC Daniel Berninger, while Mailvision is providing […]

Dedicated Twitter presence – HDConnectNow


Currently in alpha (from the greek, meaning, “I don’t know quite what to do with it, but I’m figuring it out”),   an “HDConnectNow” Twitter user is now up and running.

The ultimate goal is to dedicate Twitter HDConnectNow to HD Connect/HD Communications news, while DougonIPComm goes on its separate path…

A little eye candy for today…


A draft logo/look for the HD Connect Project…