2013 HD Voice News report now on sale at TMCNet


The 2013 HD Voice News report, “Explosion,” is now available for purchase at TMCNet.

More information, including a Table of Contents, can be found through TMC’s website at:


Scroll down on the right hand side of the page to and click “More Info” and/or (preferably) “Buy Now.”

Editorial: Recent HD voice pieces at TMCNet.com


It’s been a busy month of HD voice articles at TMC, including an interview around the making of the 2012 HD Voice Report “Proliferation.”

TMC Group Editorial Director Erik Linask interviewed HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney about the second annual HD voice report and what went into its assembly and production.

04/27/2012 HD […]

2012 HD Voice News report now available


The HD Voice News second annual report is now out and available on TMC. 

“HD Voice 2012: Proliferation” is now available at TMCnet.com for the affordable price of $120.  The report is based on three years of accumulated research and dialogue with service providers, network equipment vendors and OEM suppliers.  It documents a […]

TMCNet – Will Verizon Wireless/cable agreement lead to more HD voice?


HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney looks at the implications of the Verizon Wireless agreement with Comcast (done everything but order consumer HD voice CPE), Time Warner Cable (talked about HD voice a lot) and Bright House Networks over at TMC.

Since Verizon Wireless is rolling out HD voice on its LTE network […]

Mobile HD voice now runs from 2G to 4G


HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney has published an article at TMC on mobile HD voice’s proliferation from GSM 2G networks through 4G LTE networks.

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has laid claim to being the first to implement HD voice on MegaFon’s 2G network.  There are plenty of 3G/HSPA+ networks around the globe […]

TMC interviews Audience on mobile HD voice


Over at TMC (www.tmcnet.com), Stefania Viscusi has posted an interview with James Bohac, director of product marketing at Audience. 

“Clarifying HD voice” provides some interesting research information Audience has collected about call quality, along with a brief description about its earSmart technology—basically a DSP chip that drops into a smart phone to provide […]

Editorial — The report is “HD Voice 2011: Critical Mass”


Here’s a summary of what I hope to have available for purchase via TMC tomorrow–

HD Voice News, in cooperation with TMC as its exclusive distribution partner, is proud to present the first comprehensive report examining the HD voice ecosystem and the growing momentum towards a wideband world.

As the title of the […]

Catching up with HD voice stories on TMC.net


HD Voice News has contributed the following pieces to TMC (www.tmcnet.com) discussing HD voice technology over the past couple of weeks–

Mobile HD Voice Services Expand Beyond Europe to India, Africa

Mobile, US Service Providers Getting Serious Over HD Voice

Debunking Five Major Myths to HD Voice

Why Cable is Best Bet for Big […]

TMC pieces addressing HD Voice in July


In the run up for the DEFCON 18 presentation, “HD Voice – The Overdue Rervolution,”  HD Voice News Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney presented the following articles at TMCNet

Mobile HD Voice Heats up in Europe

Cable’s Four Steps to HD Voice

Verizon Business on Track for HD Voice by the End of the Year

The […]

TMC launches HD voice channel


Technology Marketing Corporation (www.tmcnet.com) has launched an HD voice channel.

London-based Howler Technology (www.howlertech.com) is sponsoring the site.  Howler offers a number of software and hardware-accelerated transcoding solutions using IBM’s Cell processor; the Cell can be found in a range of platforms from Sony’s PS3 Playstation to IBM’s RoadRunner supercomputer. On the software […]