VoiceAge confirms AMR-WB patent pool pricing revisions


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VoiceAge has plans to send out a formal press release about revised pricing to its AMR-WB patent pool next week.

At IT EXPO East in Miami last week, the company discussed “aggressive” pricing changes that were favorably received by developers in attendance and said details […]

Aculab adds more HD Voice codec support


Aculab has announced its Prosody X and Prosody media products now support more wideband codecs.  The company has officially added support for G.722, G.722.1 and G.722.2/AMR-WB.

In a press release this morning, Aculab says the inclusion of the G.722 series codecs gives its Prosody X media processing boards and the Prosody S software platform […]

AstriCon 2009 – Dialogic talks HD voice media server


Glendale, AZ – Dialogic plans to unveil its first HD voice-supporting media server products in the first quarter of 2009, and a gateway product in the months following.

“HD is very important for us,” said Steve Gladstone, Dialogic Senior VP/GM, Media Enabling Product Group. The new media servers are enhancements of existing products and […]

HD wireless to wireline – The other transcoding headache


Going through the tweets and notes of last week’s HD Communications Summit / HD Comm ’09, there’s another reason why transcoding isn’t the best solution to moving between AMR-WB and G.722 — added latency.

While transcoding processes may be very fast, the process is not a non-zero one and adds some amount of latency […]

The "hole" in the HD voice equasion – wireless to broadband


One of the “It’s not going to be perfect” issues emerging with the rollout of HD voice on wireless networks is the ability to transcode between AMR-WB — the current “standard” for mobile HD codecs — and G.722, the de facto HD voice standard on broadband and enterprise networks.

Last week at the HD […]