TurboBridge licenses HD voice conferencing solution to Broadvox


Broadvox (www.broadvox.com) becomes the latest public licensee of TurboBridge’s (www.turbobridge.com) HD voice conferencing system. 

TurboBridge, started up in 2010, previously announced relationships with Aastra and SimpleSignal, with other companies having quietly white-labeled the service.  The audio conferencing service supports G.722 and boasts a patent-pending “TurboSound Enhancement Technology” to adjust and balance sound.


Simple Signal, TurboBridge come out on HD voice conferencing


SimpleSignal (www.simplesignal.com) and TurboBridge (www.turbobridge.com) have officially announced their partnership on HD voice conferencing.  The service supports the G.722 codec.

Wayy back in March, SimpleSignal announced a HD voice conferencing bridge service. Several sources indicated that SimpleSignal had white labeled the TurboBridge HD voice service back then, so the two companies are now publicly […]

Phone.com trunks to TurboBridge HD voice conferencing service


Phone.com (www.phone.com) is turning on a HD voice audio conferencing bridge for its business customers, with services provided by the very-busy TurboBridge (www.turbobridge.com).

Phone.com customers can get their own dedicated conference access number as well as speed dial access from their PHone.com Virtual Office phones to their own dedicated conference bridge.  Initially, TurboBridge […]

Aastra and TurboBridge announce HD voice team-up


Aastra (www.aastrausa.com) and TurboBridge (www.turbobridge.com) have announced a bundling/trial deal for Aastra SIP phones. Look for smiles from both parties.

The two are offering a 60 day free trial of the TurboBridge “HD audio” conferencing service to Aastra SIP phone customers, carriers, and resellers. Aastra supports G.722 via its Hi-Q audio technology and G.722 […]