AT&T’s patent on narrowband HD upconversion


HD Voice News has discovered (well, stumbled upon) a patent AT&T filed in 2009 on a “system for bandwidth extension of narrowband speech.”

The patent can be found at and describes a method for taking a narrowband speech signal and then “synthesizing” a wideband signal. 

It is not clear what, if any, […]

Ditech Networks officially launches its Virtual HD Voice solution


Voice quality company Ditech Networks ( has officially unwrapped its Virtual HD Voice solution for cable, mobile and VoIP network operators; news on the product announcement foreshadowed earlier in the week in the company’s “We’re demoing stuff at MWC” announcement.

In an interview with HD Voice News, Ditech Network CEO Todd Simpson noted that […]

Cedar Point clarifies, upconverts and ™s better HD voice service delivery


In a conversation today with HD Voice News, Cedar Point Communications ( clarified its December 1 announcement about its “Enhanced HD voice” offering.  The software offering includes a variety of pieces for supporting HD voice on the Safari C3, including full IMS and PacketCable 2.0 support along with HD conferencing, CALEA and 911 support […]