Fierce Wireless: Verizon will have VoLTE, HD voice in 2014


Verizon Wireless says it will have VoLTE with HD voice via AMR-WB this year, according to a piece in FierceWireless Tech.

Multiple sources are cited, including a statement by a Verizon Wireless spokesperson saying VoLTE will come out sometime in 2014 and a research note by Credit Suisse predicting VoLTE will be introduced […]

GENBAND Perspectives 13: Verizon VoLTE might be delayed by marketing


Orlando, Florida – Verizon CTO Tony Melone said that the company was still on track to deploy Voice over LTE (VoLTE), with a commercial in-service date of late this year or early 2014.  However, Melone said while the offering would be “Network ready” by the end of the year, it wasn’t clear if marketing […]

CES 2013: Verizon won’t bring HD voice until late 2013, 2014


Verizon has reiterated its timetable for HD voice for late 2013 or early 2014, says a CNET report from Las Vegas, when it rolls out Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

A Verizon official says the company won’t offer HD voice until it can offer a consistent quality of service.  Be nice if the company had […]

Verizon: VoLTE won’t be generally available until 2014


Out at the CTIA MobileCON show, Verizon execs say it won’t start consumer trials of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) until late 2013, with service turn up not expected until 2014. Advantages the carrier had with first introducing the technology in the U.S. seem to have gone by the wayside when it comes to voice […]

Rumor mill: U.S. VoLTE delays until end of 2013, 2014


The outlook for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in America is pretty dire, with sources saying it might be until late 2013 before Verizon lights up nationwide coverage. and 2014 for Sprint.  One person with insight into LTE said AT&T had an outside chance of beating Verizon.

Turning back the clock to Mobile World Congress […]

Taking inventory on LTE subscribers: Korea big, time to watch Japan


A piece in the Korean Times calls attention to the largest LTE audiences.  Verizon has the most, followed by NTT DOCOMO and SK Telecom.

SK Telecom already has VoLTE and HD voice deployed, with six handsets: Samsung Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2, LG Optimus Vu & Optimus G, and the Vega Race […]

Verizon expands VoIP to Asia; finally enables “select” HD voice and video interop via VIPER


Verizon Business has expanded its VoIP solution to the Asia-Pacific region through its global network. The company has also finally added inter-company HD voice and video (i.e. SIP interop) for “select” VoIP customers that use Verizon’s opt-in VIPER IP-to-IP routing feature to skip out on per minute domestic and international charges on calls.

“Verizon […]

Verizon, Tata SIP peer/federate


Verizon and Tata have agreed to SIP peer/federate to enable access to the other’s telepresence suites, making the two carriers the first to officially do so.  How the agreement works at the network level is unclear; specifically, does it just apply to telepresence apps or to all SIP traffic.

From a customer perspective, this […]

HD voice surge in next three years: Verizon, cable companies to lead deployments


Alexandria, VA — (April 7, 2011) — HD voice is expected to grow significantly over the next three years as Tier 1 service providers such as Cincinnati Bell, Comcast, France Telecom, and Verizon offer the technology to business, residential, and wireless customers. Already, seventeen mobile carriers have either operational service or announced plans for […]

Editorial — The report is “HD Voice 2011: Critical Mass”


Here’s a summary of what I hope to have available for purchase via TMC tomorrow–

HD Voice News, in cooperation with TMC as its exclusive distribution partner, is proud to present the first comprehensive report examining the HD voice ecosystem and the growing momentum towards a wideband world.

As the title of the […]