Sources: AMR-WB licensing a pain if you aren’t building devices


During last week’s rounds at Metaswitch Forum and IT EXPO West 2012, two software companies said licensing AMR-WB for use in their products was a royal pain.  VoiceAge’s patent pool apparently only covers end-user device implementations of the codec, requiring companies to work directly with the different patent holders – all of which have […]

TranSwitch licenses AMR-WB for wireline silicon implementation


Telecommunications fabless semiconductor company TranSwitch ( has licensed AMR-WB from VoiceAge (, marking a push to move AMR-WB beyond the cellular world into more wireline gear.

TranSwitch makes a range of system on a chip (SoC) solutions combining embedded DSPs and software suites.  The company will incorporate AMR-WB into its Entropia  infrastructure product line […]

HD voice companies to look for at Mobile World Congress


Several requests have come in asking about HD voice companies to look for in Barcelona next week during Mobile World Congress (MWC). Here’s a short list–


VoiceAge ( – Did you say “AMR-WB”? VoiceAge has formally launched its patent pool for AMR-WB/G.722.2 and made the pricing more end-user friendly from what we can […]

HD Comm '09 – Tweets of ATSC Chairman, HD Innovation Panels presentations


The tweets presented below were sent during the HD Communications Summit, September 15, 2009.  Some formatting and selective spelling correction done for readability.

Robert Graves, Chairman, ATSC Forum

Graves – from Bell Labs/AT&T, got involved with video, went to ATSC Graves – Spent lot of time evangelizing about ATSC/digital TV/HDTV Graves – ATSC now […]