The Cable Show 2013: No desktop phones, future CAT-iq support for Comcast, Biscotti gets a WebRTC boost


Washington D.C. – Residential handsets were in near zero quantities on the floor of The Cable Show, with the industry showing its embrace of smartphones and tablets as the primary interface to everything. 

The only handset was in Arris’ booth next to a functioning model of Comcast’s XG5, known within Arris as the […]

Voxeo Labs demos WebRTC voice, video calls with Phono SDK


Wrapping up today’s software news, Voxeo Labs has demonstrated the first WebRTC-enabled voice and video calls through their Phono SDK.

Developers can now build in-browser communications applicatiosn without the use of Flash or custom software.  The Phono SDK makes WebRTC-enabled browsers capable of “dialing” traditional landlines and mobile phones.  Voxeo says when you add […]