TI offers “Highly integrated” codec on audio, wideband voice processing chip


Texas Instruments (TI)  has introduced  the TLV320AIC3262, calling it “the industry’s most highly integrated audio codec with embedded miniDSP cores,” providing echo and noise cancellation at wideband voice sampling rates up to 16 kHz.

The new chip integrates five amplifiers and two miniDSP cores. Designers have the ability to interface to up to […]

Nefsis launches next-gen VoIP audio engine for B2B video conferencing


Nefsis (www.nefsis.com) has announced its software-based VoIP engine with full-duplex, multiparty audio.  As a part of its HD video conferencing cloud, the enhanced VoIP engine enables multiple participants to speak at the same time and offers improved acoustic echo cancellation support for laptops and better noise cancellation for “superior” audio performance during on-line meetings.


Broadcom offers open source wideband codec


Citing HD voice as the reason, silicon manufacturer Broadcom is now offering its BroadVoice family of voice codecs royalty-free, without any licensing fee, AND as open source software under a GNU license.

Broadcom is releasing its wideband and narrowband BroadVoice codecs in both floating-point and fixed-point C code under GNU LGPL version 2.1.   The […]

Glass supports G.722 *and* AMR-WB codecs


The newly announced Glass platform has onboard support for not one, but two wideband codecs.  The white label/OEM business IP media phone platform supports both G.722 and AMR-WB codecs, said Cloud Telecomputers VP of Engineering Ravin Suri.

Suri said support for other codecs is possible (we guessed as much) through firmware upgrades, but it […]