XConnect sets up IP federation hub in Germany with DE-CIX


XConnect (www.xconnect.com) has set up a partnership with Germany’s DE-CIX to establish the first NGN/VoIP federation in the country.  Service providers will now be able to use the federation to directly exchange IP voice and multimedia traffic.

As a part of the partnership, a “secure and scalable” federation hub and central carrier ENUM-based routing […]

XConnect announces AudioCodes G.722/AMR-WB transcoding for its customers


XConnect (www.xconnect.net) is touting an AudioCodes HD voice transcoding solution between wireline and wireless networks for its HD Alliance customers.  The Alliance is an IP-based federation with 11 service providers.

The new capability uses XConnect’s carrier-ENUM registry and IP interconnection services along with AudioCodes’ Mediant 3000 transcoding solution.  XConnect says the solution has been […]

IT EXPO – HD voice talk with D2, XConnect


Los Angeles, CA – D2 Technologies (www.d2tech.com) and XConnect representatives gave hints of HD voice advancement around the globe.

D2 will have a “major customer” in Asia deploying its VoIP middleware stack on Android devices, including tablets, with HD being a major piece of the offering.  D2 says most of the action its been […]

XConnect announces HD voice exchange available worldwide, UK promotion with Polycom, BroadSoft, and Dialogic


XConnect (www.xconnect.com) has announced that its Global HD Voice Federation service is now open to everyone and it has started an “initiative” with Polycom (www.polycom), BroadSoft (www.broadsoft.com), and Dialogic (www.dialogic.com) to promote the adoption of HD voice by service providers in the United Kingdom.

With mobile HD voice being delivered by Orange this fall […]

XConnect announces participants in HD voice peering trial


XConnect (www.xconnect.com) has announced the initial participants in its HD voice peering trial. The list includes “the usual suspects” plus a couple of new names.

Telephony providers participating include Alteva, Broadvox, Phone.com SimpleSignal, State 2 Networks and Telesphere. Consumer provider/phone maker Ooma is participating, even though the company isn’t yet officially supporting HD voice […]

HD voice companies to look for at Mobile World Congress


Several requests have come in asking about HD voice companies to look for in Barcelona next week during Mobile World Congress (MWC). Here’s a short list–


VoiceAge (www.voiceage.com) – Did you say “AMR-WB”? VoiceAge has formally launched its patent pool for AMR-WB/G.722.2 and made the pricing more end-user friendly from what we can […]

The five biggest problems HD Voice faces in 2010


Note: Ooma is a sponsor of HD Voice News

HD voice is by no means a “slam dunk” in 2010.  There are five significant problems the HD voice ecosystem of players need to address before victory can be declared and wideband calling is as at least as ubiquitous as VoIP calling.

However, four out […]

XConnect provides more detail on HD voice peering trial


XConnect has divulged more information about its HD voice interoperability trial and a company official indicated that over “15 to 20” U.S. service providers are interested in participating, including cable service providers and CLECs in North America, and service providers in Norway, Holland and Korea.

Operators wishing to participate in the HD voice trial […]

IT EXPO East 2010 – XConnect formally announces trial of HD Voice peering federation


After testing the waters at the HD Voice Summit at CES earlier this month, XConnect has formally announced its free trial for its HD voice peering federation.  The trial, open to “qualified operators,” waives sign-up and monthly fees during a run from April to June.

Under the trial, multiple providers will be able to […]

CES 2010 – XConnect talks HD voice interconnect trials


HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES, Las Vegas — XConnect released some information on a free trial for HD voice providers to the company’s Global Alliance platform and said more details will be defined and announced by IT EXPO.

The announcement by XConnect Vice President Mark Benisz was greeted with a call for applause […]