Editorial – It is NOT "too early" to get an HD Voice phone


Tweeting to @DougonIPcomm, @radinfo thinks getting an HD phone is “too early” because there aren’t enough peer-to-peer interconnections right now.

The first part of the premise is wrong, while the second part is — for now — correct.

If a business are currently shopping for an IP PBX/IP telephony and/or VoIP handsets, you would […]

XConnect scores $10M quality VC round


This week XConnect announced it has raised $10 million in a second round (a.k.a. Series B) funding.  There are multiple good-news pieces here for both the HD communications industry and for XConnect.

For the HD Communications industry, XConnect has been promoting its “Interconnect 2.0” concept.  Seeing venture money flow into a company that does […]

Afternoon Tweets from the HD Communications Summit/HD Comm '09, September 15, 2009, New World Stages, New York, New York


This is a (laborously cut and paste) summary of the afternoon “tweets” posted from the HD Communications Summit on September 15; the morning will be posted later (hopefully after I figure out an easier way to process the morning Twitter-ing).

Chris Fine, VP Goldman Sachs

Lunch break over; Chris Fine of Goldman Sachs […]

Voxbone plays HD card at HD Comms '09


At the HD Comms ’09 in New York on Tuesday, Voxbone will announce support for HD calling through its iNum service.

Voxbone, a provider of international VoIP services and phone numbers to communication service providers, call centers, and multinational businesses, says that so long as both endpoints are HD-enabled, calls to iNum numbers will […]

XConnect makes the case for Interconnect 2.0


Is an upgraded interconnection infrastructure necessary for HD communications? Eli Katz, president of XConnect, thinks so.

XConnect is preaching the virtues of Interconnect 2.0, moving up the food change from simple SIP peering to a more sophisticated way for service providers to exchange IP traffic supporting end-to-end HD voice, video, and presence.

“On the […]

Speakers, registration announced for HD Comm '09


Registration is now open for HD Comm ’09 and the schedule of speakers has been announced.

The one-day event will highlight advances in HD Communications, with participating speakers from (in no particular order) BroadCom, GIPS, WYDEVoice, AudioCodes, SpiritDSP, Polycom, Uniden, ZipDX, DSPGroup, XConnect, Gigaset, Dialogic, Verizon and Time Warner.