ZipDX files with FCC to put HD voice provisions on AT&T/T-Mobile merger


ZipDX CEO David Frankel has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to deny the AT&T/T-Mobile merger unless HD voice requirements are put onto AT&T as conditions it needs to meet once it completes the deal.  

Frankel briefed FCC officials from the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, the Office of General Council, and […]

UK’s Simwood announces HD Voice support


UK wholesale VoIP service provider Simwood ( has announced support for HD voice and a partnership with ZipDX.

In an email to customers, Simwood said it is offering HD voice support on a “request basis” for all of its numbers.  It will offer HD codecs – G.722, AMR-WB, and G.711.1 are cited in the […]

Guest Column: An “ear opener” to HD voice in conferencing


By Randolph Resnick, Producer VoIP Users Conference” URL:

We began using the ZipDX ( wideband conference bridge about one year ago. I had been doing PSTN and g711 SIP conferences two years before that.

Over the three years, I have moderated thousands of hours of conferences, and the change to wideband was definitely […]

CES 2010 - ZipDX announces real-time transcription to conferencing service


HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES, Las Vegas – ZipDX ( announced it has added integrated real-time transcription to its conference call services.

The company offers two service levels using PhoneTag services from Ditech Networks.  ZipDX Scribe users professional transcriptionists and “typically results” in 95 percent accuracy with a transcription delay of less than […]

Speakers, registration announced for HD Comm '09


Registration is now open for HD Comm ’09 and the schedule of speakers has been announced.

The one-day event will highlight advances in HD Communications, with participating speakers from (in no particular order) BroadCom, GIPS, WYDEVoice, AudioCodes, SpiritDSP, Polycom, Uniden, ZipDX, DSPGroup, XConnect, Gigaset, Dialogic, Verizon and Time Warner.

July snapshot – HD conferencing services


SMB : Working, but who’s using? Enterprise: Cued from the top

3 providers queried:  Citrix Online/, Global Crossing, ZipDX 2 providers responded:  Global Crossing, ZipDX

A number of conferencing providers are offering HD voice support, primarily through SIP dialing and G.722.  However, it is not clear at this point in time that offering HD […]